YMCA SA App is now live! The App has many exciting features including the ability to allow you to book, cancel and monitor your future bookings. To align with Covid-19 occupancy restrictions, you will need to use the bookings functionality in the App to reserve your 'spot' in the gym, pool and for group fitness.

Download the YMCA App now on your smartphone Google Play or iOS App Store

Getting Started with the App

Members, visit pass holders and casual visitors can all use the App and it's booking functionality. Getting started is simple, tap/click the steps below!

How to set up an account

How to filter and set your favourites


Do I need to download the App to visit?

We strongly suggest everyone download the App. With strict occupancy restrictions having a booking system to reserve a 'spot' in the gym, pool, or other is required. For the vast majority of our customers, the new YMCA SA App will provide an excellent solution to facilitate bookings.

Members are able to reserve Group Fitness and Activity Session spots 3 days in advance. Visit pass holders and casual customers can book into Activity Sessions 2 hours in advance.

Unfortunately without the App you are not able to pre-book your Group Fitness or Activity Sessions. We are working on having timetables available online for you to see current vacancy rates/ and availability which will help inform whether you wish to 'drop-in'. Naturally, without a booking we can not guarantee availability, however, will work with you to get you access if there is a free 'spot'. Please note if you do not use the App to pre-book, it will take a few extra minutes at Customer Service to set up your account in our new booking system.

How do I book Group Fitness or an Activity Session

Use the new YMCA SA App! Download the app, create a new account, select your YMCA centre, then click on the Book a Session tile to bring up all Group Fitness and Activity Sessions (Activity Sessions are the 1.5 hour time slot you are booking for a certain space/activity such as for the Gym or Pool). There are a lot of sessions in the timetable each day, so to make it easier to find what you are looking for use the filter function by clicking on the 3 lines in the top corner and then click the little + icon to create a new filter with your preferred sessions (video to come)

What are the booking rules?
  • Members can book into Group Fitness Classes or Activity Sessions 72 hours in advance.
  • Members can cancel their bookings with no penalty up to 1 hour before the class. 2 ‘no-shows’ will result in App booking privileges withheld for a week.
  • Members can have 2 active bookings at a time, but only one booking per day. The number of bookings allowed per day will be increased as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding on these restrictions to ensure all members have a fair and equal chance to utilise the facility.
  • Visit pass holders and casuals can book 2 hours in advance.
What do I do when I get to the Centre?

Please come at your booking start time. We likely will not be able to have you in the centre until your booking timeslot starts to abide by occupancy requirements. Please follow social distancing if waiting outside.

Members and visit pass holders, scan your membership card as usuals. And let the Customer Service team know your name and that you have booked a session on the App.

Casual customers can let Customer Service they have booked a spot on the App and can pay for the session.

What about the old online booking system (Active Carrot)?

Your online customer account is still available for information such as debit payment history, visit history, and updating your payment details. However you are no longer able to book Group Fitness through this system.

For booking Group Fitness, the new YMCA SA App completely replaces the old system (Active Carrot)

I can't find the Google Play version of the App?

Sorry, the app was only just published and it takes a couple days to show up in the search listing.

You can access the Google Play version here.

I don't see the Activity Session I'd like to book into?

We are working hard to enter all Activity Sessions into the system ASAP. Keep in mind you are unable to book into a session until 72 hours prior (2 hours prior for casual and visit pass holders).

With so many sessions it's hard to see the group fitness timetable?

There are a lot of sessions in the timetable each day, so to make it easier to find what you are looking for use the filter function by clicking on the 3 lines in the top corner and then click the little + icon to create a new filter with your preferred sessions (video to come).

Also, our usual group fitness timetable is posted under the Gym>Group Fitness on our website.

I want to book a Pool Session but can't? And what about children for a pool session?

Unfortunately, the new App booking system does not facilitate children. So you will see 'Pool Session' in the App timetable but instead of being able to book it just says 'REMIND ME'. We have scheduled each pool session still to indicate the time the session is open to the public. You are welcome to call to discuss likely availability (based on previous attendance). So as long as you see a 'Pool Session' scheduled you can drop-in with your children.

I'm having issues booking a session?

There are two likely causes:

  • Upon downloading the App and registering a new account we need to verify your membership before you can book. This may take up to 24 hours.
  • Please be aware of the 'booking rules'. The class may not yet be available to book. Members can book 72 hours in advance and visit pass holders and casuals 2 hours in advance.

If you feel the above two causes do not apply, please give us a call to help troubleshoot.

How do I adjust or opt out of emails/notifications from the App?

For email notifications, users should navigate to mywellness.com and login with their credentials, once logged in, select 'settings' (top right within the picture).

Under 'Notification settings', the user can enable or disable email notifications.

For Push notifications and email, within the mywellness app users can select Profile > Settings > Notifications. Here the user can enable or disable push notifications from the mobile app.

Youth under 16 can't seem to register?

To be in accordance with MyWellness terms of use, anyone under the age of 16 needs parental consent. Hence we would be happy to set up the account on your childs behalf if you send us an email with their (Full name, DOB, and email) and clear consent to use creating an account for them. We can also set this up in person as long as the consenting guardian is present.

Please note you do not need to create MyWellness accounts for your children if you are looking to use the program pool for a swimming session. Setting up an under 16 MyWellness account only comes into play for Active Youth members.

I don't have an email address, can I still use the app?

Unfortunately not, and email address is required to utilise the App. While you will be unable to pre-book sessions and group fitness, our staff can help advise you of the times/classes which generally speaking do not fill up and are available for those 'dropping in'.

If you need an email address, create a free one with Outlook or Gmail. Even if you just use it to sign up for the app and not ongoing, you just need to click the link in the confirmation email generated on sign up.

What about my privacy and terms of use associated with the App?

When you download the YMCA SA App you are prompted to either sign-in (existing MyWellness users) or to create a new account. There is no connection to the previous booking system, hence unless you have previously used MyWellness, you need to create a new account. A new account only requires your first and last name, email, date of birth, and gender. Please use the same details you have provided for your membership to enable us to match your MyWellness account to your on-site membership account.

MyWellness is an international app and service produced by a company called Technogym. We have partnered with Technogym to rebrand their App to display information customised to our YMCA centres (ie. group fitness timetables). When you create a new account, you are creating an account with MyWellness, not YMCA SA. The terms of Use and Privacy Policy associated with a MyWellness account are linked to while creating the account and can be viewed here. As part of the account creation process, you are required:

  • Consent to the use of your data concerning health for the purposes of delivering the service. This relates to the App being able to connect with other Health apps on your phone, or fitness tracking devices. Once the account is created you can choose whether you establish any of these integrations which brings all your Health data into one location (versus having to use multiple Apps). The consent also pertains to things such as entering your height, weight, heart rate, etc which are used in assigning training programs and other core functions of the App. Again, despite consenting to this in the account creation process, entering this health data is completely optional.
  • Consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. Once your account is created you can adjust the notification/email settings to your preference. You can also at any time delete your account, which removes all of your data form the MyWellness database. As per the MyWellness terms and privacy policy, Technogym can only use your data for the purpose of delivering the services within the App; they are unable to sell or use the data for different purposes.
  • Enable your location. This is so the app can populate a list of YMCA centres closest to you, enabling you to select your centre). You can disable the Apps permission to access your location after the initial set up if you wish.