Membership Suspension Form

The online membership suspension form was available from 2 June - 9 June and has now closed. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to have the online form active past the first direct debit date which has now past. Despite the online form being no longer available, all members can still suspend their membership. We recommend calling us to discuss your suspension options, and then can process suspensions once either the request is received in writing or by completing the suspension request form in person.

In consideration of Covid-19, we understand the need for membership flexibility to enable you to resume your membership once you are comfortable to do so. As such, all members free suspension credit has been reset as of 9 June 2020 (date of centre reopen). This means that regardless of the amount of suspension you may have used this calendar year, as of 9 June 2020 you have up to 4 weeks free suspension to use this calendar year. After the 4 weeks of free suspension, the suspension automatically switches to $5 per week.