11 May 2021

Sonia’s Commitment Builds Success

The Valleys Lifestyle Centre's Frontline Coordinator and Group Fitness Instructor, Sonia Goss, achieved a podium finish in her first ever Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) competition on 24 April.

ANB promotes health and fitness within communities and individuals, and the Clare local finished in third place in the Bikini Model event in two categories, Novis and Over 35s.

Sonia has been a trainer and in the fitness industry for almost 15 years and through the assistance of good friend Shelley Thrussell, a former competitor in the sport, she began five-month program aimed at competing in the annual competition.

“I have always had the passion, drive and energy to train myself and maintain my fitness (and) I decided to take on another challenge and set a bigger goal,” she said. “Shelley has a strong passion for the industry and is now studying to be a coach in nutrition. We both decided I needed an extra challenge so my journey began.”

All Sonia’s training took place at The Valleys Lifestyle Centre gym and she credited her local support network with helping her remain focussed and motivated.

“I love training at The Valleys. Training so much plus taking my usual classes at the centre certainly took its toll some days, but my work colleagues were so supportive and I cannot speak highly enough of the amazing support from clients and members that were part of this journey with me.”

“It was not just weight training, I also had to train in correct posing techniques to emphasize the muscle,” she said. “A routine also had to be choregraphed for stage presence. I had the pleasure of working with coach Janelle McLean from Adelaide, who spent valuable time with me as I travelled back and forth on regular basis.”

Sonia was thrilled with her success and determined to improve with the aim of competing again in next year’s event.

“I will continue my training and aim to compete in April 2022. Now I start all over again with a strict diet and training to build further muscle definition.”

A big congratulation to Sonia!